A Bit About This Site

This site features Canadian Fine Art Photography and Digital Art from composites from Glenn Davy. A strong emphasis is placed on natural areas of Canada in hopes of promoting and supporting conservation efforts in Canada. Digital art pieces may be of Canada or original fictional artwork of Space. All images you see on this site are available as limited edition (max of 100), high quality prints. Please see the “Prints” page for more details.

A Bit About Me

Photography has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. It all started innocuously enough for me when I got myself attached to my mother’s Hawkeye Brownie. I used to love to go for walks along the road near our cottage in the then semi-wilderness area of Muskoka, Ontario. I did a little work for my high school newspaper, which was my first introduction to both a SLR and Nikon. It was a book, however, that really got me going in photography. The book was called, “Canada:  A Year of the Land” and was Canada’s centennial book in 1967. I found both the photographs and the text irresistible, but especially the photography. It was at that point that I found my desire to try and recreate the quality and depth of the photographs in that book. Fast forward a few years and a lot of film later, where a friend told me I should try to market my work. He suggested I start small though, so I approached Carlton Cards Canada. Some “small”. To my amazement they featured one of my images in one of their national calendars of Canada. 

My other interest was backcountry travel. It started about the same time as did my getting serious about photography. The two seemed like a good match, and I soon found that everywhere my canoe or snowshoes went, so went my camera, and the camera was rarely packed away where it was safe from the elements, wayward branches found along portages or the hordes of mosquitoes (at least in the summer - in the winter it was the frost and cold that it had to watch out for). Over the years I amassed quite a collection of slides looking for an outlet.

A bit later on I started working as a Bush Pilot in the far north, which took me to some amazing places. Once again the camera was always hanging by the strap over my seat as I cruised over the bush or tundra on the way to here or there. It’s been an exciting ride for sure.

When the digital revolution in cameras came in, many of the better paying jobs in photography started to dwindle. I’ve been with one agency for many years now, but sales are just not what they used to be. I still love photography, and always will. I’m proud of the work I’ve done and have been published by some very prestigious outfits, including Key Porter Books, National Geographic, Discovery Books, Equinox, Harrowsmith, Ontario Nature, Canadian Nature Federation (now Nature Canada), to name a few. Many of those names are gone now, sadly, and while my work continues to be published around the world, the volume has dropped noticeably. In the process of going digital though, I found myself having to learn Photoshop for purposes of processing my own work. Somewhere along the way, a new spark was struck and an old interest from my early childhood revived. That being original art via the paint brush. Now I was never terribly good at that, but I knew what made a good composition and the elements of design such that I could put some pieces together to make something of some worth. After taking a number of tutorials from Kelby One and with outstanding instructors like Bert Monroy, Deke McClelland and Bret Malley, I’ve discovered the art of compositing. This new field for me has opened up a whole new world, and a new use for many of my photographs that have been sitting idle on my hard disk for a while now. I love space art, and there I can create original compositions working solely with Photoshop and occasionally Illustrator.

And so we move forward into a new age. To sit still is to get stale (and perhaps old), and I’m not very good with that. In this website you will find a representative of my current and recent photography, most of which are available as fine art, limited edition prints. Further, more and more original art pieces consisting of photo composites and original “painting” will appear in their own gallery, which will also be offered for sale, again as limited editions. 

I do thank you for looking in and appreciate your time here. I also hope you enjoy my photography and digital artwork as much as I enjoy making them and presenting them to you. All the very best to you and please drop by often to see what’s new in the galleries.

Glenn Davy