November 2018

Welcome to the new home for Glenn Davy Photography. I hope you will find this site the best one yet and that the images and artwork contained here in will be easy on the eyes, fun to look at, and even pique your curiosity a bit. As stated in the “About” page, you will note that I’m getting more and more into digital art. Composites have been a fascination of mine now for a couple of years but now I’m taking that more seriously than ever before. I’ve long held an interest in space, and space art is going to be a new focus of mine along side new techniques and subject matter in my photography itself. There will be times when the lines will be blurred between straight fine art photography and compositing, but the objective will be to make that line as seamless as possible. One thing you will find on this site is that my work will be less and less pure documentary (stock) photography and more along the lines of interpretive artwork. That doesn’t mean you’ll be seeing photos of spots on the wall (if you do, maybe that would be a good time to check in with your Ophthalmologist <G>) but you may notice certain combinations of things that you would wonder how any camera today could capture in a single scene. You’ll also be finding that the Digital Fine Art gallery will be slowly filling up as I get more pieces done that I feel are worthy of showing. This is a new discipline for me and the learning curve is steep, but exceedingly enjoyable. As with the photographs found here, digital art pieces will also be available for sale. So thanks for looking in. Expect (hopefully) to see at least one news item per month, and hopefully new work at least that often.