Prints of most of the images found on this website may be ordered directly from me and are signed, limited edition runs of no more than 100 per image. Please complete the “Contact” form on the Contacts Page and specify “Print” in the Subject field AND insert the print ID number (the bold number to the bottom left of the full sized image you are interested in) as part of your message. That all said, I don’t do a lot of prints as they haven’t been the main focus of my professional life. As such, I will be happy to accommodate you if a particular piece catches your fancy. To keep things simple, I offer three sizes of prints - 18x24”, 20x30” and 24x36”. The plan is to move towards all acrylic prints and I’m exploring that option with a couple of print houses at this time. Please contact me for further information on that. Also please contact me for current pricing but prices will start at $1200 Canadian. Thank you for your interest.